Fall Protection Equipment Safety Belts: 3 Areas Of The Buckle To Inspect

Having appropriate and proper fall protection equipment might be the difference between life and death. Safety belts are recommended for positioning and restraint systems. They are basically used to position workers in place to allow hands-free work or as a restraint to prevent workers from reaching an unprotected edge or any other type of fall hazard. Making sure that your safety belt is in good condition will help prevent any accidents or surprises from happening. In particular, you should inspect the buckle of the safety belt before every use. Here are 3 specific things to look for.

The Security of the Buckle’s Tongue

The buckle’s tongue should always be at the right position and overlap the buckle frame. The tongue is responsible for keeping the belt in place. If it is bent out of shape, you run the risk of the belt coming undone should an accident occur. If you want to take extra steps to make sure that your fall restraint and positioning system is fool-proof, choose double tongue buckles for extra support.

The Structure of the Frame

The tongue is not the only part of the buckle that is responsible for securing the belt in place. The frame of the buckle also plays a huge role in making sure that everything stays in place. If the buckle frame snaps, the entire belt would come undone and the buckle would not be able to support your weight. Although minor scratches and dents on the frame do not pose as a safety hazard, you definitely need to replace a frame that is bent out of shape.

You should also replace the frame if there are any large nicks or dents, as these areas will be under a tremendous amount of pressure in the fall restraint and positioning system. As a result, they are the most vulnerable areas and are at risk of snapping.

The Condition of the Roller

While working, you definitely want to make sure that the shape and position of the safety belt can adjust by itself to the environment. In short, the safety belt must be able to tolerate movement. The component responsible for this role is the roller. Before putting on the belt, inspect the roller to make sure that it can turn freely on the buckle frame.

Your safety belt might end up protecting you from severe injuries in the event of an accident. The most critical component of the safety belt is the buckle, so make sure that you inspect it carefully before you use it every time. If you are having any doubts regarding the condition of the buckle, just replace it with a new one from a company like Public Works Supply. Don’t take any chances.

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How To Have A Contemporary-Style Kitchen

There are many different trends for kitchens, including have a contemporary one. While renovating your kitchen, there are a variety of things you can add that will give you this style. Here are some ways to have a contemporary-style kitchen.

Use Natural Stone Countertops

One thing that many contemporary kitchens have in common is using natural stone for the countertops. One of the more popular materials is granite, which is moderately priced and provides a lot of great options. You can get granite countertops in a blue or green tint, natural and beige tint, or even a darker granite color. Granite works perfectly in a contemporary kitchen that is using a lot of neutral colors and clean lines, especially if you have stainless steel and chrome in the kitchen. Some other natural stone materials to consider include marble, travertine, and soapstone.

Add Stainless-Steel Appliances

Speaking of stainless steel, try to use it as much as possible in your contemporary-style kitchen. These appliances have a sleek look to them, which you definitely want in a contemporary or modern kitchen. Nearly every type of appliance comes in a stainless-steel option, such as refrigerators, stove and ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves. The great thing about this is since they are more modern and new appliances, many of them are energy-efficient and have advanced features you can’t get in older appliances. Stainless steel is also long-lasting and easy to keep clean, adding even more benefits. To avoid going too modern, add a white appliance here or there as well to get a good balance. So if you have a stainless steel refrigerator and stovetop, get a sleek, white dishwasher to balance out the kitchen.

Reduce the Clutter

A contemporary kitchen is both stylish and functional, but it is not filled with clutter. This is one of the things that can really take away from an authentic contemporary style. You want to have proper organizational methods in your kitchen that keep clutter to a minimum. Whether you install different types of shelving units in the cabinets for proper organization of spices and food items, to adding drawer sorters for your “junk”, it is important to keep all papers and random items off the countertops.

Add Some Color

Contemporary-style kitchens are similar to modern kitchens, but they have a little more color. You are not going for a chrome and white kitchen; you also want to add some personal touches. Don’t use too many colors, but choose a few colors you like and let them guide you toward your décor. These basic colors should be used for everything from your dishes and countertop appliances to the kitchen rugs and dish towels.

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How A Damaged Chimney Can Cause A Moisture Problem

Does the wallpaper near your fireplace continue to deteriorate no matter how often it is repaired? The problem might be due to there being an excessive amount of moisture in the chimney. Investing in getting your chimney inspected and repaired is the best solution. Find out in this article what can lead to a chimney having a lot of moisture and how it should be repaired.

1. There is Old Mortar Between the Bricks

If you have never invested in getting the mortar around your chimney bricks inspected, it might be wise to do it. Mortar is used to keep the bricks in place and can cause moisture problems when it becomes old because rainwater can sit in the joints when it rains. You might notice that some of the mortar is missing or discolored when it is old. A contractor can replace the mortar through a technique that is called tuckpointing. However, if the mortar damage is severe, and the mortar transforms into powder when it is scraped, you might need to get the chimney completely rebuilt.

2. The Crown is Damaged

When there is damage to the crown of your chimney, it can make it easy for rainwater to seep inside. The only way for you to find out if the crown is damage is by climbing on top of the roof because it is located on the exterior of your house, at the top of the chimney. It is in your best interest to get the crown inspected by a professional. He or she can determine if the crown should be repaired or replaced based on if there are cracks present and their size. Small cracks must be repaired in a timely manner because they allow rainwater to seep in, and they can get bigger with time.

3. Water Penetrates Through the Bricks

When the surface of bricks becomes damaged, spalling occurs and makes it easier for moisture to penetrate through them. The bricks can then begin to deteriorate and develop cracks. You might also notice that the bricks are crumbling. When spalling occurs on the exterior of the chimney, the bricks need to be replaced. Make sure the bricks are treated with a sealant after they are repaired if you want to prevent spalling in the future. Get your chimney inspected by a company like Clean Sweep as soon as you can so you can find out what kind of repair is needed to prevent the moisture problem.

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3 Plumbing Must-Knows For New Homeowners

As a new homeowner, there are a number of things you’re likely still trying to get the hang of. If plumbing is one of those things, consider the three must-know plumbing tips listed below.

1. Just Because It Fits, It Doesn’t Mean It Belongs In The Disposal

Garbage disposals are a useful kitchen tool, but unfortunately, many of the things you put down it can cause more harm than you think.

While it may be easy to toss the bacon grease down the drain or wash your plate’s remains into the sink after dinner, neither of these are good for your garbage disposal and you’ll soon be dealing with a clogged, under-performing disposal. There are a number of items that shouldn’t be put down there, such as egg shells and fats.

2. You’ll Likely Need to Shut Off Your Main Water Valve At Least Once

Whether you’re dealing with a frozen pipe or a leak behind the walls, you’ll likely need to know where your main water valve is located at least once during your time as a homeowner.

While you hope to never face a plumbing emergency, knowing the location of the main water valve can save you from thousands of dollars worth of damage in case there is one. Your home’s water valve is typically located in the basement, as this is where the pipes will flow into your home. If you don’t have a basement, two other likely locations are near the water heater or under the kitchen sink. Be sure to ask the previous homeowners or realtor for this important piece of information.

3. It’s Important to Know Your Limits and Ask for Help When Necessary

While there’s nothing wrong with do-it-yourself plumbing fixes for small plumbing issues, you need to know when it’s time to step away from the project and call the professionals for help.

Even if you think doing a big plumbing project yourself will save you money, if you make even a small mistake, it can actually end up costing you more than it would have to just hire a plumber in the first place. There are certain plumbing projects, such as repiping or anything having to do with the gas pipes, that should be left to the professionals.

If plumbing repair isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry. Ask your realtor, the previous homeowner, and new neighbors for referrals to a local plumber in your area.   

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4 Roofing Problems To Fix Right Away

The roof that is over your head is a fragile system, but also an important system to protect your family and allow you to live in your home comfortably. Since roofing systems are fragile, you will want to be sure that you are aware of any potential problems that you should fix right away. When you do this, you can ensure that your roof lasts longer and prevents you from having to spend a great deal of money on extensive repairs. Here are four roofing problems that you should fix right away:

  1. Growing Moss: Once you see that moss has grown on your roof, you will need to have it removed right away. This is because moss holds in moisture, which can cause rotting to the shingles on your roof. At some point, you will have to replace this section of the roof entirely if you continue to let the moss grow. In order to prevent moss from growing in the first place, you will want to trim trees to prevent areas of the roof from being too shaded and damp. You should also be sure that the gutters are cleaned regularly to prevent water build up on the roof. 
  2. Missing Shingles: Missing shingles should be replaced right away. If you let a missing shingle go without replacing it, you will end up with a larger problem. This is because just one missing shingle can cause damage to the rest of the shingles on the roof. This is because the area of the roof that is exposed is susceptible to water damage, which will spread under the rest of the shingles that surround it. Eventually, you may have to replace the shingles on your roof completely and treat the roof for water damage, as well. 
  3. ​Deteriorating Flashing: If you notice that the flashings that surround any sky roofs, the chimney, or other roof structures is starting to deteriorate, you need to have it replaced right away. This is because flashings that are not tight around these roof structures will allow water and other outdoor elements inside of the home causing water damage to the insulation, walls and ceiling of your home. 
  4. Building Up of Leaves: When you notice that a heavy amount of leaves are built up on the roof of your home, you will need to take immediate action. Not only should the leaves be swept away, but the tree that is causing the problem should either be removed or trimmed to prevent it from happening again. A heavy build up of leaves retains moisture on the roof, which causes rot and other structural damage. 

By knowing some roofing problems that you should fix right away, you can be sure that you know what to look for and when immediate action should be taken. Call a contractor like Ray’s Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc to help you.

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Boring A Water Well With A Hand Auger: The Basics

Boring, or drilling, a well on your property can be a great way to avoid high water bills from your local municipal water system. In some cases, you might even be able to perform this task yourself, if you don’t mind expending a lot of elbow grease. One way to do this job inexpensively is with a tool called a hand auger. This article takes a closer look at the process. 


Boring a well with a hand auger only makes sense in certain situations. You probably won’t be able to drill a deep well by yourself with this method, so the location needs to have a water table that is reasonably close to the surface. Determining the depth of the water table can be done by consulting a database administered by the U.S Geological Survey on their website. 

In addition to the depth of the water table, other considerations come into play when choosing a site for your well. One of the most important rules of thumb is that the well should not be near any potential sources of contamination. This includes septic tanks, chemical tanks, areas frequented by livestock and streams or lakes that might flood the site. Contact your local health department for more specific information pertaining to the regulations for boring a well in your area. 

Also, try to choose a site upon the highest possible ground. Because groundwater flows downhill, this helps to minimize the chances of contamination. 


The hand-auger method works best in softer soils, such as sandy and silt soils. It may also work well in some clay soils. It is not a good choice for rocky soils as the auger will not cut through stone. 


A hand auger will need to be twisted into the soil. This involves turning the handle around and around as the auger bores deeper into the ground. You will typically need to add extensions to the auger shaft as the depth of the hole increases. 

An important point to remember is that the hand auger will trap soil as it bores into the ground. You need to lift up the auger occasionally to remove the displaced soil and then return the auger to the borehole. 

Although boring a well yourself is possible in some cases, many people will probably want to leave this type of labor intensive job to the experts. For more information about boring a water well on your property, contact a well contractor like one from Coonse Well Drilling & Pump Co Inc.

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Converting Your Bathroom To Accommodate An Elderly Family Member

If you are one of the ten million adults who are past the age of fifty who are providing care for elderly parents, you are probably managing it because you had mom and/or dad move in with you. Since old age presents a lot of challenges, and caring for someone twenty to thirty years beyond your own age presents some physical issues around the house, you may be looking at various modifications to your home that can help make daily cares easier. There are several bathroom accessories and modifications that can help.

Grab Bars on the Shower/Push Bars on the Tub

Contractors can install industrial strength grab bars in your shower and/or push bars on your tub. These will help mom or dad feel more safe as they reach for the bars to steady themselves getting in and out of the shower. The push bars on the edge of the tub will help your aging parents push themselves to a standing position so they can climb out of the tub.

Toilet “Lift and Lean” Bars

Elderly parents may encounter weakened states of consciousness, and when they are using the toilet, that can get quite dangerous. Contractors can install “lift and lean” bars, which are two square-ish bars that flank the toilet on both sides. The top bar on each of these is about elbow to shoulder height for most people, and it allows the person on the toilet to rest his or her arms on these bars. If the person on the toilet suddenly faints, becomes dizzy or feels weak, the bars keep the person from leaning and falling into the wall or countertop and getting hurt or stuck. The rest of the time, the “lift and lean” bars allow the elderly person to push off of the bars, thereby getting off the toilet and coming to a standing position independently.

Touchless Water Faucets

The elderly often have arthritis in their hands and wrists. This makes even small tasks like turning on water faucets difficult and painful. To make sure your mom and dad are able to wash their hands and care for themselves as much as possible in your home, a contractor can install touchless water faucets. A simple wave of the hand in front of the faucet provides temperature-controlled water, released without the use of faucets that need to be turned, pushed or twisted. They may also prove helpful to you when you need to provide hygiene cares to your elderly parents and cannot leave the water running or have time to turn it on and off when standing in front of the sink. For more information about renovating your bathroom, contact a business such as Central Plumbing Specialties.   

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