Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

3 Affordable Tips To Help You Deal With Asbestos

by Mae Wallace

Asbestos is frequently used in buildings and homes for a wide variety of things. It can easily be found in tile, insulation, and ceilings. While the material is so versatile it is also dangerous. Inhaling asbestos tends to lead to a number of health complications later on in life. Asbestos is not as widely used as it once was, however, there are many homes that still contain asbestos. The majority of the danger lies in the asbestos fibers. Once these fibers become loose and airborne it is easy for anyone to breathe them in. While asbestos is harmful, it can also be expensive to remove if it is found throughout your home.  As a result, there are a few affordable tips you should consider in order to deal with asbestos.

Remove All Asbestos Fibers

If you cannot remove all of the asbestos in your home, you should start with removing any asbestos fibers since they pose the biggest risk; this is also known asbestos abatement. Popcorn ceilings typically contain asbestos and are friable. All it takes is one swipe at the ceiling for fibers and other debris to become airborne. It is easier to remove any fibers before you move into the home. If you already live there it is important to conduct the removal process while no one is around. Lastly, asbestos removal is something that should be performed by a licensed contractor.

Seal Off Contaminated Area

Removing asbestos immediately is the most effective way to reduce your chances of breathing it in for long periods of time. However, you can seal off the contaminated area until you have the opportunity to remove all of the asbestos properly. This solution can be done by using a plastic sheet and duct tape to seal the entry to the contaminated room. The longer you breathe in the asbestos the more damage it can do.

Cover Up Contaminated Area

You can use new materials to cover up contaminated asbestos materials. If your floor tile is made out of asbestos you can use an alternative tile material and lay it over the asbestos. While, this does not remove the asbestos it helps to prevent any fibers from finding their way into the air. If you use this method, it is important to regularly monitor these areas for any damage.

If an entire home is filled with asbestos, then it can be costly to remove. Therefore, use these affordable tips to ensure that your home remains safe until you are able to hire someone to remove the asbestos.


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