Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Choosing And Maintaining Energy Backup Systems

by Mae Wallace

Whether you're trying to have a little more energy in the home during a power outage or trying to support mission-critical systems, you'll need to choose a backup power system that best fits your purpose and budget. From backup batteries to industrial generators and everything in between, consider a few backup power devices and techniques that can power your systems when an emergency threatens your productivity.

Solar Power For Light Load Replenishment

Solar power is no longer a gimmick. Photovoltaic technology has made it possible to power households for extended periods of time--even to the point of selling electricity to local power companies.

A solar power electrician team can help you with a design for a solar powered home or business, but the investment can be quite steep. If you'd like to get a solar power system for backup purposes, the cost may be more acceptable for middle income earners while still making considerable savings in the short term.

Solar power systems can be attached to battery systems, which can be used to power basic utilities in the event of a power outage. If you need to keep your refrigerator running and a phones charged during an electrical storm, the power from solar panels can do a lot to keep your energy needs satisfied for the time being.

By connecting solar panels to Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), you may be able to keep computers on long enough to shut down properly. It's unlikely you'll be able to use the Internet unless the local infrastructure still has power, but if your computers are receiving Internet from mobile networks (cell phone or mobile data company connections, for example) you may be able to communicate with others. Make sure that essential communications come first, such as location, health and supply needs.

Diesel Generators And Turbines For Commercial Backup Power

When the local power grid goes down and you absolutely need full power for mission-critical systems, a diesel generator is a good last-ditch effort. It's not clean and hardly efficient, but it's a powerful ally in power generation if there's no other choice.

Diesel costs are often higher than gas prices and you'll need to consult a fuel transport service if you plan on preparing for the next storm season. It would be wise to have an on-site storage for the fuel, as even well-treated and maintained fuel needs to be managed 6-12 months across a 10 year span.

Electricians can help you by connecting the generator to power source connectors and calibrating the generator to rotate only as needed in order to avoid fuel waste. For more information, contact Martin Electric or a similar company.


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