Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Turn Your Garden Shed Into A Guest Cottage

by Mae Wallace

The typical garden shed design is pretty enough to be a cottage. Many feature large windows, standard doors and entries, and even built-in window boxes. If you've always dreamed of owning your own guest cottage, remodeling your garden shed could make that dream a reality.

Check the Codes

Local building codes are your first hurdle when you start a shed conversion. Codes vary per municipality, but you are generally allowed to use a shed for temporary quarters but not as a permanent residence. There may also be restrictions on the size of the shed and where you can place it on your property. In some cities, you cannot install toilets or running water to the shed, or you will have to install a minimum amount of electrical outlets.

If you work with a contractor or home improvement company, they will usually handle all code requirements and secure the necessary building permits to carry out the conversion.

Seal It Tight

Once you have the paperwork in order, you can start sealing the shed against the elements. Most stock sheds provide only basic shelter, so the installation of a waterproof membrane beneath the shed's subfloor and on the interior walls is necessary.

Insulation is also a must, especially climates that experience extreme heat or cold. Generally, insulation is installed between the wall studs and in the ceiling. Since most sheds have exposed rafters, you may need to construct a ceiling to support and hide the layers of insulation above.

Let There Be Light

You don't want your guests to live in the dark ages. Electricity for lights, televisions and electronics is a must in any modern guest house. Make sure your improvement company uses a licensed electrician to install all outlets and overhead lights. Electricity will need to be run to the shed, which is usually done by either running a line to the main power supply, or by splicing into the electrical line of the main house.

Before installing the outlets, have a basic idea of where you plan to place the bed and any desks or tables. This will allow you to place outlets in the most easily accessed area.

Finish It

Once the basic services are installed, you have the fun of fixing it up. Drywall and painting comes first, followed by the floor. You can simply paint the shed's subfloor and cover it with pretty rugs, or you can install hardwood, laminate, or even carpet. Use light colors so the interior of the shed feels larger and more open. Dark colors can make the small space seem cramped.

Most garden shed guest houses are suitable for three-season use, unless you add heating to the structure. It can provide privacy for your guests, act as a home office, or give you a place to relax away from the bustle of the main house. To learn more, contact a company like Home Exteriors Of Fayetteville with any questions you have.


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