Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

4 Ways To Keep Your Customers' Personal Information Secure

by Mae Wallace

Recent security breaches on high profiles retailers that resulted in customers' credit and debit card information being stolen has businesses on the alert for ways to protect their customers. As a small business owner, you more than likely share the same concerns. Here are some tips on how to protect your business and its customers.

Secure Business Records

Even though a large share of the national security breaches occurred online, you still need to secure the physical records that your business keeps. There are still identity thieves that rummage through garbage bins to find information that can be used for the wrong purposes. 

Keep an inventory of the records that your business keeps and then store those documents. Look for a secure location either at your business or at a storage facility. If you choose to use a storage facility, choose one that has a security guard and that offers around-the-clock surveillance of the facility.

Properly Dispose of Records

Educate your employees on the proper manner to dispose of business records. You should never have a situation in which employees are tossing documents in the trash. Instead, contract with a shredding service to dispose of the documents. 

A shredding service such as Document Demolition LLC offers you the security of micro shredding and safe disposal of the documents. Some services even offer to pick up the documents for you to ensure they are safely transported from your business to the shredder without incident. 

Secure Your Online Business

Sensitive information, such as account numbers or debit card numbers, should never be shared through email or any other Web-based service. You can adopt a system in which only the last three to four digits of an account number are shared when necessary.

If it is absolutely necessary for your employees and customers to conduct business online, ensure that the site you are using is secure. Secure websites start with "https" in the URL. If that is absent, do not use the site for personal or financial information.

Monitor Your Business

It is important that you stay on the alert for any signs that your company's security has been breached. For instance, if a customer reports that his or her information was stolen and suspects that the breach happened as the result of an interaction with your company, take it seriously. 

Review your financial reports and the customer's account to determine who has accessed it. You should also consider hiring a professional security assessor to come in and help locate the possible leak. 

Your customers will be reluctant to stay customers if you have major security issues. Taking steps, such as shredding, can save your business and keep you in good standing with customers. 


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