Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

The Myths That Surround A Hail Damage Insurance Claim

by Mae Wallace

As a homeowner, the roof above your home is extremely important to care for. This is because the roof keeps the weather outside and even helps to keep your home insulated. Unfortunately, roofing can be expensive, which is why you need to be sure that you have insurance to help cover the cost of damage that may be caused to your roofing system, especially hail damage. There are many myths that surround hail damage and insurance claims, which is why you need the facts so you can better understand filing a hail damage claim with your insurance company:

Myth One: No Missing Shingles Indicates No Damage

After a hail storm, you want to inspect your roof for damage. During this inspection, many homeowners think they need to check for missing shingles and if there aren't any, then they believe that no damage has been done. However, missing shingles are caused by wind, not by hail. Hail can cause leaks in the roof from small indentations in the roof that they leave behind.

Myth Two: You Only Have a Year to File a Claim

Most of the time, obvious signs of hail damage are not noticed right away, which worries homeowners since they believe they only have a year to file a claim. However, in cases where a hail storm has hit a wide region, then insurance companies typically extend the amount of time that you have to file your claim.

Myth Three: Hail Damage Is Covered by Roof Warranty

Homeowners who have recently had a new roof installed believed that hail damage will be covered under their roof's warranty. However, typically, roofing warranties specify that they do not cover hail damage. You should do a thorough check of your warranty to be sure that you really do not have to file a claim in order to receive coverage for damage caused by hail. 

Myth Four: If You Don't File, Your Rates Won't Increase

One reason homeowners do not file for hail damage is because they believe it will increase their insurance rates. However, in the case of a disaster that has hit a wide region, insurance companies will raise everyone's rates in order to cover the damage costs. This means that if you do not file, your rates will still rise and you will be paying for everyone else's damage except your own.

By knowing the facts that surround these myths about roof insurance claims, you can better understand what you need to do after a hail storm.


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