Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

3 Tips For Building Your Own Lakeside Dock

by Mae Wallace

No lakeside cottage is complete without a dock to relax on. If you are a DIY-oriented homeowner looking to build your own dock, there are a few things you should be aware of to make sure your project is successful. Here are three tips that can help you build the dock you've always wanted.

Always Use Treated Lumber

As a permanently waterbound structure, your dock will need to have excellent resistance to moisture damage. No amount of waterproofing will compare to purchasing treated lumber. In addition to preventing splitting and rotting, treated lumber is easier to cut, reducing your workload.

Even when you are using treated lumber, it is a good idea to apply a sealer to your dock at least once a year. This will renew the moisture barrier of the wood, ensuring that your dock is protected from rot and has the longest possible life span.

Remember to Create Enough Freeboard

Freeboard is the term for the height of your dock above the surface of the water. Creating enough freeboard is just as important as the surface area and shape of your dock. If you do not have enough freeboard, one end of the dock could begin to dip under water when it is under heavy load, and the entire dock could potentially flip.

The amount of flotation and the weight of the wood that you use will determine how much freeboard your dock has. If you are still in the planning stages, you should choose to use a lighter wood, such as cedar, to have as much freeboard as possible. If you have already chosen a type of wood to work with, keep increasing the size of your floatation drums until you are satisfied with the amount of freeboard your dock has.

Choose a Dock Layout Based on Your Needs

Many homeowners envision a large patio dock with enough room for two to four chairs and a small table. However, there are several different configurations to choose from that could save time and effort while still being functional.

If you are primarily interested in a fishing dock, a T-shape configuration could be an excellent choice. While this shape may not have as much space to kick back and relax, there is still enough room for some folding chairs, a friend or two, and your tackle boxes.

Building a dock is a rewarding DIY project that any homeowner would be proud of. Keep these tips in mind when you are building your dock and you will be enjoying lakeside relaxation very soon. For more information, speak with experts like Abbott's Construction Services Inc.


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