Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

4 Types Of Backflow Protection Devices

by Mae Wallace

Backflow protection devices are essentially the parts of an industrial plumbing system designed to make sure that, should there be any flooding, the water from the flooding is not able flow back into the plumbing system. Industries that rely on clean water, such as hospitals, swimming pools, medical clinics, or spas, all need to be equipped with enough backflow protection devices to ensure that the water is never contaminated. If you are involved with one of these industries, here are some possible backflow devices that you can install in order to make sure that your water remains pure.

1. Air Gap

An air gap is one of the simplest types of backflow protection measures, because it is simply the separation of the water that is used for cleaning or drinking and all other fluids. For example, any used water will be kept strictly separate from clean water in order to make sure that the two don't mix. If you have the clean water in a basin or other storage area, there will be little chance that contaminated flood water will be able to flow back into it.

2. Double Check Valve Assembly

Double check valve assembly is when there are two valves are located in the plumbing system both upstream and downstream. These are the check valves that ensure that water does not flow in the wrong direction. These reduce the chances of any flood water backflowing into the main system because the check valves only allow water to flow from one direction to the other. 

3. Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker

This type of protection device is a single check valve that closes automatically if it senses that water has begun to flow in the wrong direction. Once the flooding has subsided, an industrial plumber will be able to release this valve by applying pressure in order to restore the normal flow of water and make sure that everything continues to work correctly.

4. Reduced Pressure Principle Device

This is a device that has two check valves with an area of low pressure between them. This is essentially a buffer zone that will maintain control of the water in order to make sure that there is no backflow. This reduced pressure zone is used whenever the water starts to flow in a direction that is not anticipated.

For more information about backflow protection and keeping your water clean, talk to a professional industrial plumber. 


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