Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

How To Repair Loose Window Panes

by Mae Wallace

Wooden windows can give any fixture a more stylish and authentic look. However, wooden window frames are not the most durable option on the market. One of the most common problems with wood frames is that the glass pane can become dislodged over time. This is caused by the inevitable expansion and contraction of wood with changes in the temperature and moisture content of the air. However, this usually only becomes a problem if you fail to seal your frames with waterproof paint or stain. This article will explain how to fix a loose glass pane in a wooden window frame.

Clean out the Old Caulk or Weatherstripping

Depending on the construction of your window, the glass will be secure to the pane with either caulk or rubber weatherstripping. These form a gasket around the pane, solidifying its placement in the grooves of the wooden pane. Regardless of whether you have weatherstripping or caulk, you want to try and scrape away as much of the gasket as possible. Use a simple painter's knife to scrape away the caulk from the glass. You might need to use small piece of sandpaper to sand remaining gunk off of the wood. After you do this, the window might be even looser within the frame.

Applying a New Gasket with Waterproof Caulk

Now that the area is clean, you will want to re-caulk it. This is the best way to retrofit a gasket around the pane. Installing new weatherstripping is nearly impossible without completely removing the pane from the frame. For the best results, caulk the top and bottom edge first. Let them dry completely before you caulk sides. When squeezing the caulk into the pane, make sure it completely penetrates and fills in the groove. You do not want any air bubbles for cavities between the glass pane and the wooden frame. Use your finger to push the caulk further down into the groove. This will also create a smoother and more uniform caulk line.

The more caulk you apply, the stronger the bond will be and the more insulation the window will have. Of course, you want to apply the caulk on both sides of the window.

When all is said and done, you might be able to do an entire window within less than hour. This little project is well-worth it when you consider how it can dramatically increase the efficiency and installation of your window. Contact a company like D&M Roofing & Guttering, Inc for more information.


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Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

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