Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Is Your Home's Water Causing Your Itchy Skin?

by Mae Wallace

Itchy skin is anything but an enjoyable experience. An uncontrollable itch isn't just uncomfortable, but scratching can cause your skin to scar. It can also introduce bacteria into the under layers of your skin, which can potentially cause a number of other concerns. In some instances, the water you use in your home is actually playing a part in your itchy skin.

Hard Water and Itchy Skin

Dry skin and itchy skin typically go hand in hand. Hard water is a major culprit for dry skin. Hard water is typically considered to have a higher alkaline, or pH, level than normal water. It is also defined as having excessive amounts of minerals like calcium ions and magnesium in it. The higher mineral levels contribute to your dry skin in two ways. First, the higher mineral levels strip much of the moisture naturally found in your skin, automatically making it dry and itchy.

Secondly, the minerals prevent the soaps you use on your skin and the detergents you use when washing your clothes from dissolving properly. In terms of soap, when you lather your body and rinse off, the soap doesn't dissolve but instead ends up as residue on your skin that seeps into your pores, irritating the skin and causing itching. The undissolved detergent embeds itself within your clothes, which irritates your skin when you wear them and causes itching.

Resolving The Issue

If you're dealing with any of these issues, it's best to have the water in your home tested. If hard water is confirmed, consider having a water softener installed. Water softeners are small appliances that work similar to a filter in that they help extract some of the minerals from the water before you use it.

When the calcium ions and magnesium are extracted from the water, they are replaced with sodium in a process known as ion exchange, which helps make the water less harsh. Softeners can be installed in various sizes, based on your needs. Since the appliance connects directly to your water supply, it ensures all the water that flows throughout your home is softer and better for your skin.

If itchy skin is a problem you regularly deal with, it's a good idea to have the water in your home tested. A water softener installation specialist, like those at Albert Soft Water, can help. One of these professionals can come out to your home, test your water and assist you with installing a water softener best suited to meet your home's water usage needs.


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