Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Converting Your Bathroom To Accommodate An Elderly Family Member

by Mae Wallace

If you are one of the ten million adults who are past the age of fifty who are providing care for elderly parents, you are probably managing it because you had mom and/or dad move in with you. Since old age presents a lot of challenges, and caring for someone twenty to thirty years beyond your own age presents some physical issues around the house, you may be looking at various modifications to your home that can help make daily cares easier. There are several bathroom accessories and modifications that can help.

Grab Bars on the Shower/Push Bars on the Tub

Contractors can install industrial strength grab bars in your shower and/or push bars on your tub. These will help mom or dad feel more safe as they reach for the bars to steady themselves getting in and out of the shower. The push bars on the edge of the tub will help your aging parents push themselves to a standing position so they can climb out of the tub.

Toilet "Lift and Lean" Bars

Elderly parents may encounter weakened states of consciousness, and when they are using the toilet, that can get quite dangerous. Contractors can install "lift and lean" bars, which are two square-ish bars that flank the toilet on both sides. The top bar on each of these is about elbow to shoulder height for most people, and it allows the person on the toilet to rest his or her arms on these bars. If the person on the toilet suddenly faints, becomes dizzy or feels weak, the bars keep the person from leaning and falling into the wall or countertop and getting hurt or stuck. The rest of the time, the "lift and lean" bars allow the elderly person to push off of the bars, thereby getting off the toilet and coming to a standing position independently.

Touchless Water Faucets

The elderly often have arthritis in their hands and wrists. This makes even small tasks like turning on water faucets difficult and painful. To make sure your mom and dad are able to wash their hands and care for themselves as much as possible in your home, a contractor can install touchless water faucets. A simple wave of the hand in front of the faucet provides temperature-controlled water, released without the use of faucets that need to be turned, pushed or twisted. They may also prove helpful to you when you need to provide hygiene cares to your elderly parents and cannot leave the water running or have time to turn it on and off when standing in front of the sink. For more information about renovating your bathroom, contact a business such as Central Plumbing Specialties.   


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Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

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