Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Boring A Water Well With A Hand Auger: The Basics

by Mae Wallace

Boring, or drilling, a well on your property can be a great way to avoid high water bills from your local municipal water system. In some cases, you might even be able to perform this task yourself, if you don't mind expending a lot of elbow grease. One way to do this job inexpensively is with a tool called a hand auger. This article takes a closer look at the process. 


Boring a well with a hand auger only makes sense in certain situations. You probably won't be able to drill a deep well by yourself with this method, so the location needs to have a water table that is reasonably close to the surface. Determining the depth of the water table can be done by consulting a database administered by the U.S Geological Survey on their website. 

In addition to the depth of the water table, other considerations come into play when choosing a site for your well. One of the most important rules of thumb is that the well should not be near any potential sources of contamination. This includes septic tanks, chemical tanks, areas frequented by livestock and streams or lakes that might flood the site. Contact your local health department for more specific information pertaining to the regulations for boring a well in your area. 

Also, try to choose a site upon the highest possible ground. Because groundwater flows downhill, this helps to minimize the chances of contamination. 


The hand-auger method works best in softer soils, such as sandy and silt soils. It may also work well in some clay soils. It is not a good choice for rocky soils as the auger will not cut through stone. 


A hand auger will need to be twisted into the soil. This involves turning the handle around and around as the auger bores deeper into the ground. You will typically need to add extensions to the auger shaft as the depth of the hole increases. 

An important point to remember is that the hand auger will trap soil as it bores into the ground. You need to lift up the auger occasionally to remove the displaced soil and then return the auger to the borehole. 

Although boring a well yourself is possible in some cases, many people will probably want to leave this type of labor intensive job to the experts. For more information about boring a water well on your property, contact a well contractor like one from Coonse Well Drilling & Pump Co Inc.


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