Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

How A Damaged Chimney Can Cause A Moisture Problem

by Mae Wallace

Does the wallpaper near your fireplace continue to deteriorate no matter how often it is repaired? The problem might be due to there being an excessive amount of moisture in the chimney. Investing in getting your chimney inspected and repaired is the best solution. Find out in this article what can lead to a chimney having a lot of moisture and how it should be repaired.

1. There is Old Mortar Between the Bricks

If you have never invested in getting the mortar around your chimney bricks inspected, it might be wise to do it. Mortar is used to keep the bricks in place and can cause moisture problems when it becomes old because rainwater can sit in the joints when it rains. You might notice that some of the mortar is missing or discolored when it is old. A contractor can replace the mortar through a technique that is called tuckpointing. However, if the mortar damage is severe, and the mortar transforms into powder when it is scraped, you might need to get the chimney completely rebuilt.

2. The Crown is Damaged

When there is damage to the crown of your chimney, it can make it easy for rainwater to seep inside. The only way for you to find out if the crown is damage is by climbing on top of the roof because it is located on the exterior of your house, at the top of the chimney. It is in your best interest to get the crown inspected by a professional. He or she can determine if the crown should be repaired or replaced based on if there are cracks present and their size. Small cracks must be repaired in a timely manner because they allow rainwater to seep in, and they can get bigger with time.

3. Water Penetrates Through the Bricks

When the surface of bricks becomes damaged, spalling occurs and makes it easier for moisture to penetrate through them. The bricks can then begin to deteriorate and develop cracks. You might also notice that the bricks are crumbling. When spalling occurs on the exterior of the chimney, the bricks need to be replaced. Make sure the bricks are treated with a sealant after they are repaired if you want to prevent spalling in the future. Get your chimney inspected by a company like Clean Sweep as soon as you can so you can find out what kind of repair is needed to prevent the moisture problem.


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