Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Fall Protection Equipment Safety Belts: 3 Areas Of The Buckle To Inspect

by Mae Wallace

Having appropriate and proper fall protection equipment might be the difference between life and death. Safety belts are recommended for positioning and restraint systems. They are basically used to position workers in place to allow hands-free work or as a restraint to prevent workers from reaching an unprotected edge or any other type of fall hazard. Making sure that your safety belt is in good condition will help prevent any accidents or surprises from happening. In particular, you should inspect the buckle of the safety belt before every use. Here are 3 specific things to look for.

The Security of the Buckle's Tongue

The buckle's tongue should always be at the right position and overlap the buckle frame. The tongue is responsible for keeping the belt in place. If it is bent out of shape, you run the risk of the belt coming undone should an accident occur. If you want to take extra steps to make sure that your fall restraint and positioning system is fool-proof, choose double tongue buckles for extra support.

The Structure of the Frame

The tongue is not the only part of the buckle that is responsible for securing the belt in place. The frame of the buckle also plays a huge role in making sure that everything stays in place. If the buckle frame snaps, the entire belt would come undone and the buckle would not be able to support your weight. Although minor scratches and dents on the frame do not pose as a safety hazard, you definitely need to replace a frame that is bent out of shape.

You should also replace the frame if there are any large nicks or dents, as these areas will be under a tremendous amount of pressure in the fall restraint and positioning system. As a result, they are the most vulnerable areas and are at risk of snapping.

The Condition of the Roller

While working, you definitely want to make sure that the shape and position of the safety belt can adjust by itself to the environment. In short, the safety belt must be able to tolerate movement. The component responsible for this role is the roller. Before putting on the belt, inspect the roller to make sure that it can turn freely on the buckle frame.

Your safety belt might end up protecting you from severe injuries in the event of an accident. The most critical component of the safety belt is the buckle, so make sure that you inspect it carefully before you use it every time. If you are having any doubts regarding the condition of the buckle, just replace it with a new one from a company like Public Works Supply. Don't take any chances.


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