Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

How To Have A Contemporary-Style Kitchen

by Mae Wallace

There are many different trends for kitchens, including have a contemporary one. While renovating your kitchen, there are a variety of things you can add that will give you this style. Here are some ways to have a contemporary-style kitchen.

Use Natural Stone Countertops

One thing that many contemporary kitchens have in common is using natural stone for the countertops. One of the more popular materials is granite, which is moderately priced and provides a lot of great options. You can get granite countertops in a blue or green tint, natural and beige tint, or even a darker granite color. Granite works perfectly in a contemporary kitchen that is using a lot of neutral colors and clean lines, especially if you have stainless steel and chrome in the kitchen. Some other natural stone materials to consider include marble, travertine, and soapstone.

Add Stainless-Steel Appliances

Speaking of stainless steel, try to use it as much as possible in your contemporary-style kitchen. These appliances have a sleek look to them, which you definitely want in a contemporary or modern kitchen. Nearly every type of appliance comes in a stainless-steel option, such as refrigerators, stove and ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves. The great thing about this is since they are more modern and new appliances, many of them are energy-efficient and have advanced features you can't get in older appliances. Stainless steel is also long-lasting and easy to keep clean, adding even more benefits. To avoid going too modern, add a white appliance here or there as well to get a good balance. So if you have a stainless steel refrigerator and stovetop, get a sleek, white dishwasher to balance out the kitchen.

Reduce the Clutter

A contemporary kitchen is both stylish and functional, but it is not filled with clutter. This is one of the things that can really take away from an authentic contemporary style. You want to have proper organizational methods in your kitchen that keep clutter to a minimum. Whether you install different types of shelving units in the cabinets for proper organization of spices and food items, to adding drawer sorters for your "junk", it is important to keep all papers and random items off the countertops.

Add Some Color

Contemporary-style kitchens are similar to modern kitchens, but they have a little more color. You are not going for a chrome and white kitchen; you also want to add some personal touches. Don't use too many colors, but choose a few colors you like and let them guide you toward your décor. These basic colors should be used for everything from your dishes and countertop appliances to the kitchen rugs and dish towels.


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