Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

How To Make An Outdoor Fire Pit With Entertainment Area

by Mae Wallace

Fire pits are a wonderful idea, especially if you like to entertain while sitting around a bonfire on a cool night. They are a way to keep your fire under control and contained, while also giving your backyard some style. Sure you can invest in a metal fire ring that sits on the ground, but that sounds a little boring. Give your backyard a little added beauty by creating an in-ground fire pit surrounded by an entertainment area. See below for instructions on how to create this small oasis in your own backyard.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Shovels
  • Wheel barrow (or something to put the dirt into)
  • 1 inch flat bricks (enough to place around your fire pit)
  • Lava rocks
  • Decorative rock (for the surrounding area)


  1. Once you have decided where you would like your fire pit to go in your backyard, you can begin digging it out. You can make your fire pit any size you would like. A good size is 4 feet wide by 12 inches deep. This may require a lot of digging on your part, so grab a friend or two for help, or you can rent a small excavator to help you out.
  2. After your hole is dug out, tamp the ground down inside of the fire pit so it's level. Then add about 4-5 inches of lava rock to the bottom of the fire pit, leveling it off with your hands (or a shovel).
  3. Now you can add the 1 inch flat bricks to the fire pit. You will lay them in a vertical position along the sides of the fire pit, tilting them slightly so they are even with the top of the fire pit.
  4. Remove the sod surrounding the fire pit. You can remove just a small 12 inch area surrounding the fire pit if you don't want to create a large entertaining area. If this is the case, add some large flat rocks to give it a decorative touch. If you want an entertaining area, you'll need to remove a large amount of sod surrounding the fire pit. The size will depend on the size of the entertainment area you want. Once the sod is removed completely, you can lay down some weed blocking fabric and add decorative rock to the area. 
  5. Finally, add a few chairs to help your guests relax around your new fire pit. You can also add some string lighting around the perimeter for added ambiance.

Creating a backyard fire pit is not too difficult, creating a backyard oasis takes some thought, planning, and work. If this is too much of a job, call in a professional to get the job done for you or visit a website like


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