Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

How To Secure Your Glass Pane With New Caulk

by Mae Wallace

Wooden windows are well liked for their traditional, old-fashioned style. However, if your wood is not properly treated, the glass can be vulnerable. The most common problem is that the actual wood sash gets warped due to moisture or extreme temperatures. The glass pane becomes loose inside of the sash when the wood warps, and your window can become leaky. You can usually fix this problem just by replacing the caulk. Here is the best way to scrape away the old caulk and apply a new product that will seal your windows.

Removing the Old Caulk

In order for the new caulk to be effective, you need to thoroughly scrape it away and clean both the glass and the wooden sash. Often, this job is very easy because the old caulk has deteriorated so much that it is no longer stuck to the window. However, you will probably need to use some sort of scraping device to get all the caulk that is still stuck to the window. A normal putty knife works well, but a painter's knife is the best if there is still a strong seal. This has one angled corner on the blade, allowing you to gouge away and cut away the stubborn caulk. Once you scrape away the caulk, you also want to make sure there is no adhesive residue still stuck to the window. Just use a basic all-surface cleaning liquid to thoroughly remove any leftover adhesive.

Applying the New Caulk

At this point you can apply the new caulk. Make sure you use a waterproof caulk that is also designated for use on glass surfaces. Glass caulk has a little extra adhesive to help it adhere to such a smooth surface. You will need a caulk gun to shoot it into the corner. But, to spread it and make the line look straight and clean, you just need to use your finger. Wear latex gloves to protect your finger. The trick is wipe the caulk with pressure. Do, short wipes and then clean your finger off between each wipe. If your fingers are clean, the caulk texture left behind after the wipes will be smooth. If you use a smaller finger, you will wipe away more of the caulk and leave behind a small line. This step is not only essential because it makes your lines look better, it also forces the caulk into the corner to create a strong seal.

For assistance with your windows, talk to a professional.


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