Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Paving Your Driveway With Asphalt Or Concrete

by Mae Wallace

When you are trying to decide what to use for your residential paving project, you really only have two options. You can use asphalt or you can lay concrete, and both of these materials are widely used and considered very good for paving. However, you want to make sure that your paving project lasts for as long as possible. While each of these different materials have many pro's and con's, this article is going to focus on the pro's of both types of paving. Here are just a few thing to keep in mind with each material.


The most widely used material in any building situation is concrete. You will find concrete in buildings throughout the world. Concrete is also used on many highway and freeways. There are many reasons that people like to use concrete, but one of the biggest reasons is that it is extremely durable. If concrete is laid properly, then it can last over 30 years. Concrete is created using limestone aggregate and cement. The limestone aggregate is really the heart of the concrete. Limestone comes in all sorts of different textures and fabrics. The limestone that goes into most concrete is going to be very porosity pore. This means that there will not be any open space between the mineral crystals. This makes an incredibly tough and resistant to weathering. Once the concrete is laid it is incredibly hard and will resist weathering very well. Another huge plus to using concrete is that you can have it stamped with designs. When the cement is still wet you can have beautiful designs stamped into the cream of the concrete. If you so wish, you can also add any color to your concrete, so you have many different options when it comes to your concrete.


Asphalt is made from a stone aggregate, often limestone or quartz, and bitumen. One of the nicest things about asphalt is that it is flexible. The foundation does not need to be perfect in order to lay asphalt because it will flex and fill gaps. Over time when the asphalt starts to wear, it is very easy to repair. You will be able to seal the small cracks, and then when the time comes it is not hard to resurface the asphalt. Asphalt lasts a long time, and looks incredibly professional. Asphalt or concrete make a great driveway, it just depends on your budget and your style. 

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