Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

5 Steps For Maintaining Your Vinyl Siding

by Mae Wallace

While vinyl siding has a reputation for essentially being low-maintenance, this does not mean that it is good to go forever. Maintenance is key to ensuring that your vinyl siding continues to look fantastic for years to come. These tips will help to ensure that you don't experience damage or unsightly appearance issues.

1. Wash Vinyl Siding Regularly

You do not have to wash your siding very often, but hosing it down once a year or so will eliminate some of that dirt and dust that accumulates. If you do this often enough, you will not have to scrub dirt off the vinyl siding.

2. Avoid Cracking or Breaking Vinyl

Hitting vinyl siding can result in some damage, especially by a large object like a lawn mower or bicycle. While the vinyl is not going to bend, you can still break it. The chances of this occurring increase when the weather is very cold.

3. Have Vinyl Inspected Regularly

One of the benefits of vinyl siding is that the wood around your home is not going to rot. Unfortunately, it has a downside as well. It may actually hide issues trapping moisture inside your home. You can have an expert come out to look at the siding, but you can also take a look at yourself every once in a while. Look for exposed foundation or wood that may be rotting.

4. You May Be Able to Paint Vinyl Siding

Although it is not common, many people consider painting their vinyl siding eventually. With exterior latex paint, you may be able to achieve that look you want. Unfortunately, this paint does not tend to last long and does not stick well to older vinyl that might be falling apart. Just make sure not to choose a color that is too dark, or you may notice that the paint absorbs the heat of the sun and starts to warp.

5. Replace Siding Quickly

If you notice that your vinyl siding is flapping, falling off, or melting, make sure to have it fixed quickly. Otherwise, you might experience issues like rotting wood. The quicker you act, the less likely it is that something like this might happen.

Ultimately, vinyl is meant to be as low-maintenance as possible. You do not need to do a lot to your exterior to keep it looking good. If you still have questions about vinyl siding, make sure to ask a professional, such as from Allstate Gutter & Siding, about your options.


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