Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

3 Tips To Add Value With The Timeless Kitchen Design Trends

by Mae Wallace

When building new homes, many first-time homebuyers want to do the latest kitchen design trends. This may be good for now, but could be less trendy in a decade; just look at old kitchens from the '60s and '70s. You want a kitchen design that will still be stylish years from now, and choosing the right trends will help. Here are some of the latest kitchen design trends that will probably never go out of style:

1. Solid Surface Counter Tops That Last and Look Great

When homes are built with the least expensive materials, what you get is laminated surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, that may look ok now, but can easily be damaged and often go out of style. One of the advantages of a custom home, is that you will have the choice of solid surface countertops, which look great, last and will never go out of style. Talk with your builder about using materials like granite, which have more neutral colors that match many different interior designs. Stay away from bright colors that only fit in with a certain design.

2. Custom Wood Cabinetry with Stained Finished

Today, many builders use manufactured cabinets in production homes, which are cheap and can be installed quickly. With a custom home, you will want to have custom cabinets installed. Use cabinets with solid wood features and stain them to match the design of your kitchen. The natural wood looks great, will last and can easily be refinish should you ever decide that you want to change the look of your kitchen. Custom cabinets can also have storage solutions adapted to you needs, built into the units.

3. Islands, Bars and Open Designs for More Usable Space for Generations

Open spaces are an essential part of modern kitchen designs. Since the kitchen is a gathering area for the family in most households, more seating and islands are great. Talk with your custom home builder about maximizing floor space and including islands and bar seating in the design of your kitchen. Having space for the entire family in the kitchen is something that will always be in style. If you ever decide to remodel the kitchen, it is always easier to close space than open it.

These are some kitchen design trends that will be in style years after you finish your kitchen Design project. Contact a custom home builder and talk with them about timeless features that add real value to your investment. 


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