Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Tired Of Your Cramped Bathroom? Here's How To Open Up Your Small Bathroom By Creating A Seamless Space

by Mae Wallace

If your cramped bathroom is giving you claustrophobia, it might be time for a bathroom remodel. In some cases, you can enlarge the bathroom itself by removing walls. Unfortunately, this is not only very expensive but also simply is not possible in many homes due to the layout of the home. A bathroom remodel that works within your existing space is a cheaper option and still has amazing results. Here's how to create a bright, open feeling in smaller bathroom remodels.

Open Up Your Space By Eliminating Cabinets And Closets And Replacing Them With Open Shelving

One of the best ways to open up your space in a bathroom remodel is to eliminate storage areas; not only do these encroach on the usable space of your bathroom, but the cabinets themselves tend to become cluttered and contribute to the feeling that there is not enough space in your bathroom. Replacing your sink with a pedestal sink and removing the cabinets under it will make your bathroom seem less enclosed; the same goes for removing any wall-mounted cabinets or large linen closets.

However, removing the cabinets immediately raises the question of where you are going to put your toiletries and cleaning supplies. Linens and cleaning supplies can be stored outside of the bathroom, but this is a very inconvenient for toiletries. The best solution for this is to store your toiletries on open shelving installed in your bathroom; if your home can support it, these open shelves should be installed in recessed niches cut into the walls. This allows you to store frequently-used items while maximizing the open space in your bathroom.

Ditch Your Bathtub Or Integrate It Into Your Design To Avoid Blocking Vision

A bathtub will make your bathroom seem significantly more crowded; the reason for this is that the rim of the bathtub acts as a visual barrier to the available space in your bathroom. If you mostly take showers, consider removing your bathtub and replacing it with a curbless walk-in shower. These have no raised area between the shower and the rest of your bathroom, which makes your bathroom feel much more open.

If you don't want to remove your bathtub, do your best to integrate it into the general style of your bathroom so that it accentuates the space rather than acting as a visual block. A drop-in bathtub is a good choice; these types of tubs are recessed into an existing deck structure that you can build during your bathroom remodel. By matching the deck to your walls, the bathtub blends in seamlessly with the rest of your design.

Consider Installing A Wall-Hung Toilet To Move The Toilet Tank Out Of Eyesight

You can save around six inches of space in your bathroom by installing a wall-hung toilet. These toilets have the tank installed within the wall of your bathroom, leaving only the toilet bowl exposed. Since wall-hung toilets are strikingly modern, they work best in bathrooms that have a contemporary design.

By removing cabinets and blending the elements of your bathroom together, you can make your bathroom seem more spacious without having to physically enlarge it. Bringing your bathroom together with visual design elements and transforming it into a seamless space by removing blocking elements such as the bathtub and the toilet tank also contributes to an open, spacious appearance.

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