Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Benefits That Painting Your Walls Has Over Using Wallpaper

by Mae Wallace

Wallpaper is becoming trendy with homeowners. This is because wallpaper can be used to incorporate different colors, patterns, designs, and textures onto your wall. If you are looking to transform the walls in your home, you may find yourself wondering whether wallpaper is something you should consider, or whether you should stick to paint. Learning the benefits that residential painting has overhanging wallpaper can help you make this decision. Here are a few of the benefits that painting your walls have over using wallpaper. 

It Is Faster and Easier to Paint Your Walls

Hanging wallpaper on the walls is not a fast or easy task. All of the holes in the wall need to be filled, the wall needs to be leveled out, and the wall needs to be cleaned to help the wallpaper stick. Once the walls are ready, the wallpaper needs to be cut down to size, paste needs to be applied, and then the first piece needs to be hung and smoothed out. 

From there, each additional piece of paper needs to be properly aligned, so the pattern perfectly matches up. This can be time-consuming. Painting is not a fast process either, as you need to fill holes, tape off walls, and lay down tarps to protect your furniture and floors. But the process is generally faster and easier than hanging wallpaper. 

You Can Change the Wall Color More Readily in the Future

Another benefit that painting has over using wallpaper is that the color can be easily changed in the future. If you want to change up the color on your walls in the future, you simply need to repaint the walls. On the flip side, if you have hung wallpaper, you have to remove the wallpaper before you can think about painting or installing new wallpaper. This alone can be a hassle and if not done correctly, can damage your walls.

Painted Walls Are Easier to Maintain

The last benefit that painting your walls has over wallpaper is that painted walls are easier to maintain. If your child's dirty hands touch the wall, you can wipe the painted wall down. But, if there is wallpaper in place, the marks may stain the paper. You cannot scrub away spots or stains, as the wallpaper can fade or begin to loosen. Additionally, with wallpaper, you have to worry about splitting at the seams or lifting, something that is not a concern with painted walls. 

If you are looking to transform or alter the appearance of the walls in your home, both wallpaper and painting may be an option. However, there are many benefits that painting has overhanging wallpaper that may appeal to you. When you are ready to change up the color of your walls, contact a residential painting service to get an estimate for painting your walls. 

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