Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

3 Safety Tips For Decorating Your Business For The Holidays

by Mae Wallace

Decorating your business for the holidays is a lot of fun. It will let you and your employees enjoy some seasonal cheer, and it's sure to brighten the moods of your customers, too. Of course, you don't want to put safety at risk when decorating your business for the holidays, but these safety tips will help.

1. Work with an Electrician

It's smart to call a commercial electrician when you're getting ready to put up your holiday lights. The electrician can make sure that your commercial wiring system is in good shape and is ready for this additional use, particularly if you're going to be plugging in a lot of lights. He or she can also give you guidance about how to distribute the electrical use when putting up and plugging in your lights, which helps prevent you from putting too heavy of a load on one part of the wiring system.

2. Use Caution When Working at Heights

You and your employees might be planning on hanging decorations and lights from the ceilings and around the top of the outside of the building. This can obviously be dangerous, so make sure that you use caution when doing so. For example, don't climb on furniture to hang up indoor decorations; instead, make sure that you use a ladder. Also, make sure that you and your employees practice proper ladder safety use when using a ladder to install indoor or outdoor holiday decorations.

3. Turn Holiday Lights Off When Closing for the Day

It might have crossed your mind to leave the holiday lights on all night long. After all, you might want those who live in your town to be able to drive or walk by and enjoy them. However, this is an unnecessary risk that you really shouldn't take. If something goes wrong, then there could be a fire. Make sure that you turn the holiday lights off when you close up shop for the day. If you don't want for you and your employees to have to do all of this work each day, or if you're concerned that someone might forget to unplug everything, you can use a holiday light timer. Then, the lights can be programmed to turn off on their own at a certain time. These timers are usually pretty cheap and easy to set up, and they're worth it for the safety and convenience.

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