Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Finding The Perfect Iron Fence For Your Home

by Mae Wallace

When it's time to install a wrought iron fence for your home, it's important to look for fences that will make your home look more beautiful. In general, an iron fence will beautify a home because it is timeless and genuine, but there are many characteristics you can look for that will indicate that your iron fence will make your home more beautiful and durable over the years.

The Nick Test

Perform the nick test. You'll need to nick or saw a wrought iron sample. Ideally, you should use a cold chisel or saw. If the material is authentic wrought iron, there will be a fracture that shows the grain. Steel, on the other hand, will show a smooth fracture. 

The Spark Test

Another test to perform is the spark test. When you place a wrought iron sample near an engineer's grindstone, you then analyze the color and other characteristics to determine if it is wrought iron.

The Polish Test

Polishing the sample can determine if it is wrought iron. If it is wrought iron, you'll be able to expose the bright surface, and you'll be able to see linear slag incursions in the gain. 

Cast Iron Vs. Wrought Iron

When choosing an iron fence, know the differences between cast iron and wrought iron. Cast iron is commonly found in kitchens and used in cooking. Cast iron is not recommended for iron fences because it will break if it is placed under too much stress, which isn't true with wrought iron fences from companies like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc

Wrought Iron Fences and Rust

Some wrought iron fences will show signs of rusting, while other wrought iron fences will last over the years without this issue. If your wrought iron fence rusts frequently, it will need to be scrubbed with a wire brush and repainted to keep it in good condition. To save money on maintenance, make sure to purchase a higher quality wrought iron fence. 

Wrought iron fences made with galvanized steel will not rust as fast. Some wrought iron fences will only use galvanized steel on the outside, while the inside will be prone to rusting. The more expensive wrought iron fences will use galvanized steel on both sides and is usually a better option. 

Colors Other Than Black

Wrought iron fences are most often black, so those who don't want a black fence might pass them up. However, newer technologies allow for wrought iron fences that come in any color you want thanks to powder coating. With enough research, you'll find the perfect iron fence for your home.


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