Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Maintaining Your Commercial Roof For The Best Performance Possible

by Mae Wallace

Commercial roofing is different from residential roofing because most commercial buildings have flat roofs that present entirely different challenges than pitch roofs. The best way to maximize the life of your commercial roof is through proper care and maintenance of the roof. Here are some tips to consider to keep your roof in great shape.

Annual Inspection

Every year your roof should be thoroughly inspected for damage and wear — the best time to do this in in the spring or summer when the roof is clear, and you can look everything over. You are looking for loose seems in the roofing, worn or damaged spots that need repair, and the condition of the sealer at the edges of vertical items on the roof. Have a professional generate a report of the condition after they inspect the roof so that you know what needs addressing right away. 

Routine Maintenance

Maintaining the roof on your building starts with cleaning the roof. Removing any debris like branches and leaves from the roof, cleaning the scuppers and drains on the roof, and sweeping the entire roof will make it much easier repair. If you have standing water on the roof, sweep or squeegee it into one of the roof drains and get it off the roof. 

Once the roof is clean and dry, check for seems that are coming up and reseal them so that water will not make its way under the roofing material. If you notice blistering or bubbling of the roofing material, you should get a professional commercial roofing company to come and fix it.

Removing Low-Hanging Branches

While not directly on the roof, the branches that hang low over your roof can be a big problem. The branches could come down in a storm and damage the roof. It is better to remove them entirely than to have to worry about them every time there is weather in the area. 

Limiting Foot Traffic

Because more commercial roofing products use a rubber membrane over the roof, excessive traffic over the surface can damage the membrane. Limiting the number of people that are allowed on the roof is one way to deal with the premature wear. Make sure your boots are clean before going onto the roof. A stone in the tread of your boot could be enough to cut or puncture the membrane, and dirt or mud can have grit in them that will scuff the roof's surface. On some commercial roofs, concrete patio blocks are used as footpaths for common access areas to protect the membrane underneath.

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