Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

4 Commercial Roof Improvements To Cut Energy Costs And Make Buildings Greener

by Mae Wallace

The roof of your business is an area where a lot of energy is lost, but it is also a great area to start with energy improvements. Solutions like foam, solar energy, and cool roofing colors will help your business save and reduce your energy costs. The following commercial roof improvements are some of the solutions that can help reduce energy loss to make your business greener and energy-efficient:

1. Solar Roofing to Improve Your Business with Green Renewable Energy

Today, there are many different options to add renewable energy to buildings. When installing new commercial roofing, consider using solar roof membranes, which can help provide electricity for things like lighting and other areas of your business to reduce energy costs. In addition, there are also solar arrays that you may want to have installed on the roof of your business for more energy independence and lower energy costs.

2. Foam Roof Coatings That Help Reduce Energy Loss for More Efficient Buildings

Sometimes, keeping energy in your business can be a challenge; especially if you have refrigerated storage space. Commercial foam roof coatings are the ideal solution to prevent energy loss and make buildings more efficient. These coatings are installed on the roof and sealed with a roof sealant, which makes them both durable and energy efficient.

3. Cool Commercial Roof Design Solutions That Help Keep Buildings Cool in Summer Heat

Keeping a large commercial building cool during the summer months is a challenge. Today, cool roofing membranes help solve this problem by reflecting heat to keep buildings cool. These are white-colored membranes or other materials that help improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Cool roof designs can also be combined with materials like spray foam to maximize the energy-saving benefits.

4. Green Roofs That Help Insulate and Provide Valuable Rooftop Green Space for Commercial Buildings

Green roofs are a type of roof design that uses plants, light soil mediums, and membrane underlayment to add greenspace to buildings. There are many benefits to having a green roof installed on your business, such as adding more green space to the roof and a thermal barrier that greatly improves energy-efficiency.

These are some of the improvements that you will want to consider to make your business greener and energy-efficient. If you are ready to start investing in the roof of your business, contact a commercial roofing contractor and talk to them about some of these solutions.


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