Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Five Things You Need To Remember When You're Selecting Roof Trusses For Your Building

by Mae Wallace

Trusses are a convenient and practical solution for supporting the roof of a structure. However, it's important to choose the right trusses in order to get the most out of this building solution. 

There are a few things it's important to keep in mind in order to find the right truss for a building. The following are five things you need to remember when you're selecting roof trusses. 

Look to the home design itself in selecting trusses

The trusses that are selected for a building need to fit in well with the design and style of other parts of the building. 

The correct truss for your needs will vary among homes of differing styles, including Cape, Colonial, or Saltbox. Make sure you discuss your home's style with everyone involved with selecting and installing your trusses so that the trusses of your building don't clash with the rest of the design.

Know what dimension of trusses you need

The dimension of trusses you need will depend on a variety of factors such as the size and weight of your roof. Your trusses need to be large enough to handle the weight placed upon them.

After deciding upon stylistic concerns, you should then know exactly what dimensions you're looking for to narrow down your truss search. 

Calculate how many trusses you'll need to cover the expanse of your roof

In addition to truss dimensions, the other important factor is the number of trusses you need. The number of trusses you will need generally depends on how much weight each individual truss supports and how much your roof is going to weigh overall.

Ideally, you should install more trusses than the minimum recommended number to provide adequate support so that you enjoy some additional structural security in your building. 

Understand what the common roof truss types are

There are numerous types of trusses from among which you'll need to choose. The most common truss types are parallel chord, raised heel, scissor, and dropped chord.

While parallel chord and scissor trusses are employed with cathedral ceilings, raised heel and dropped chord trusses are used in situations where energy efficiency is the primary concern and managing condensation with a vapor barrier is focused on. 

Consider whether you'll have means of support in addition to your trusses

Roof trusses themselves are not necessarily the only aspect of a roof that provides structural support. You need to consider if you'll be using other reinforcements to support your roof like pillars helping to hold up the roof toward the center. 

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