Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

3 Tips For Installing A Shared Well

by Mae Wallace

Even though a lot of homeowners opt for private wells instead of shared wells, shared wells are still a good option for many people. You can opt for a shared well with one or more neighbors so that you can all save money and enjoy access to clean water. Just make sure that you follow these tips when having a shared well installed for you and your neighbors to use.

1. Talk to a Drilling Contractor

Before you get started with your shared well project, you can set aside time to talk to a drilling contractor. He or she can answer your questions about how shared wells work and why they are sometimes beneficial. He or she can also help you with making sure that the shared well is deep enough. Working with the right well contractor is going to make a difference in how successful your project is, whether you are installing a private well or a shared well.

2. Write Up a Shared Well Agreement

It is always important to have a shared well agreement in place anytime that you are going to be sharing a well, no matter how well you might get along with your neighbors. This is a legal agreement that helps protect each person who uses the shared well. An attorney can help you with writing up and signing a shared well agreement with your neighbors.

3. Hire a Plumber

Once your shared well is installed, you might be ready to put the well to use within your home right away. However, you may need to work with a plumber first. After all, you will need to make sure that there are water lines to supply your home and property with water from the shared well. Be prepared for this to potentially be more expensive than it would normally be; since you have a shared well, the well pump might be farther away from your home than it would normally be, which means that more pipe may have to be used and more work may have to be done. A good plumber should be able to talk to you about your plumbing needs and should be able to help with installing your plumbing after your new shared well has been installed.

A shared well can be a great way to share resources with your neighbors and share money. There are some challenges that you will probably want to be aware of and prepared for when you opt for a shared well, but if you are properly prepared, you may find that opting for a shared well is actually a good experience. Reach out to a company like Bohs Well Drilling Inc for more information about well drilling services.


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