Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Reasons To Be Thankful For That Annoying Roadwork

by Mae Wallace

The year is quickly coming to an end, and as you get geared up to head into next year, you may have big plans. Perhaps you want to figure out how to cut back on costs to help save money. However, roadwork can put a damper on your mood when you are trying to save funds.

It is no surprise that roadway construction can create traffic. As you are sitting in traffic, all you can picture is the emissions from your car floating into the atmosphere, which is like watching money burn. However, there are reasons to appreciate troublesome roadwork that you may not have considered.

Minimized Fuel Consumption

According to a study, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by 10–20% with road smoothness. Therefore, the roadwork that might be disrupting your day today could potentially save you on the cost of gas tomorrow.

Of course, it is easy to overlook the benefit of roadwork when you are stuck in traffic. When the flow of traffic is moving slowly, it can disrupt your day. Perhaps you are already running late for an appointment or work. However, if you're looking to save money, roadway construction that smooths out the road can give you a reason to feel grateful.

A Safer Drive

Asphalt is a commonly used material on roadways. You will often see construction crews hard at work repairing or installing asphalt on several roads throughout the United States. Concrete is another popular option, though asphalt tends to be a better option.

If you see a crew laying down new asphalt, rather than get upset about the disruption to your drive, consider the fact that you will enjoy a safer drive as soon as they are done. Asphalt holds up well against salt used to melt ice on the road. Also, snow and ice tend to melt faster on asphalt in comparison to concrete.

Less Wear and Tear

If you have ever driven down a road covered in potholes, you have likely uttered a few choice words. As you hit each dip and dent, you worry about the damage it is doing to your vehicle. Potholes can damage your vehicle's shocks, struts, tires, and other mechanical components.

Therefore, rather than feeling frustrated the next time roadwork holds you up, take into consideration that repairs to a damaged road will help minimize wear and tear on your vehicle. Too much wear and tear can become a costly problem as time goes by, so roadwork can essentially help you save money.

Contact a professional to find out how else roadwork and asphalt paving can provide you with daily benefits, or go to sites like to learn more about asphalt paving in particular.


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