Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Seven Important Considerations When You Need To Have A Water Well Drilled

by Mae Wallace

If you need to have a well drilled on your property, it's important that you hire a well drilling service that will analyze all the key considerations for you. Numerous considerations need to be taken into account to design the most suitable well for a given property.

The following are seven important considerations when you need to have a water well drilled. 

Location and depth

Wells should be located so that the potential for drawing in water is optimal. During the planning stages of your well drilling project, your well drilling service should analyze the water table and determine a location and depth for your well that will maximize the chances that your well won't run dry. 


Your well drilling service will have to determine the details of well construction before the project begins. These include details like the type of casing, cap, screens, and pump the well will feature. 

Local regulations

Just about every locality has regulations in place regarding well drilling. It's important to know about any water policies in your municipality before you decide to go ahead with well drilling. You'll probably need to acquire a permit before well drilling can begin. 

Water quality

Any well drilling project should involve testing the quality of the area's ground water. If the water is found to contain contaminants, the well needs to have filtering and purification mechanisms built into its design to ensure the water is potable and healthy. 

Location of nearby power lines, utilities, and septic systems

A water well should not be drilled near power or utility lines. Drilling close to utility lines is dangerous. Your well drilling service will need to know the location of utility lines to plan for your well.

Water wells also need to be located a good distance from any septic systems in the area. This will prevent contamination of the well water. 

Location of neighboring wells

Two wells shouldn't be located too close together. When wells are too close together, each well will be more likely to run dry. Nearby wells will drain the available water.

During the planning stage of your well drilling project, your well drilling service is going to have to analyze the surroundings and look out for any wells that your neighbors have on their properties. 

Surrounding vegetation

Vegetation in the area is an important consideration. A well needs to be drilled away from large vegetation such as trees to prevent growing roots and limbs from causing damage to the well. 

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