Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

Give Your Shower a Luxury Upgrade

4 Reasons To Choose Concrete When You Have A New Driveway Installed

by Mae Wallace

If you've been getting by with a gravel driveway, it may be time to consider having something more permanent installed. Two popular choices are asphalt and concrete. However, concrete has some advantages you might prefer. Here's a look at four reasons to put in a new concrete driveway.

1. Concrete Has A Lighter Color

Since concrete is nearly white, it reflects the sun and stays a little cooler than asphalt, which is black. Concrete still gets hot when the sun beats down on it all day, but it might cool off faster in the evening. Plus, white is easier to see at night and it reflects landscape lights better.

2. Concrete Doesn't Fade

Both asphalt and concrete can show their age with dirt and stains, but asphalt also fades. The rich black color slowly turns white and splotchy due to sun exposure. A faded asphalt driveway can be an eyesore, so you might opt to have a sealcoat put on every few years to restore the black color which increases maintenance costs. Concrete stays its original color since fading is not an issue.

3. Decorative Concrete Is Attractive

Talk to your concrete contractor about options in decorative concrete. While you can have a basic concrete driveway installed, you might want something a little more glamorous. With concrete, you have a lot of options. Color pigments can be added to make the driveway a solid color, or colors can create designs on your driveway.

Plus, designs can be stamped in the concrete right before it dries, so the driveway can look like red bricks, gray slate, or pink pavers. You also have a choice in sealers. Some sealers leave a glossy finish on your driveway so it always looks wet and clean.

4. Concrete Is Durable

Concrete is a tough material and able to handle the weight of heavy vehicles. Concrete is suitable for all climates and weather conditions. A concrete driveway is easy to repair since cracks can be filled in to keep the rain out. A new concrete driveway should last for many years, and the concrete can be recycled at the end of its life to make new concrete.

The concrete driveway installation process starts with creating a stable, compacted base with good drainage. A good base is essential for a driveway, and it helps the concrete have a longer life. Keeping up with repairs is important for any type of driveway, and if you keep yours in good repair, the concrete will look nice during its long life too.

Reach out to a contractor to get help with concrete driveway installation.


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